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Are You Ready To Play Your Best Golf?

We've helped hundreds of golfers shoot their best scores and enjoy the game more. Let us apply our expertise in club fitting, the latest equipment technology and club building - to your unique swing.

Our clubfitting professionals can precisely measure the characteristics of each individuals golf swing, to determine the correct club head, shaft & ball for each player regardless of skill level

Once we have determined what the specifications of your clubs should be during the Fitting Assessment , we use the science of professional club building to make up clubs to the exact specifications required.

By using technology like Flightscope and SAM Putt Lab we ensure that all aspects of your swing and equipment are measured accurately. We carry a wide variety of components and brands – making it easy for us to find the optimal shaft, head and weighting setup for your clubs.

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Our Headquarters are in Northgate Estate, Cape Town.

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Our Headquarters are in Northgate Estate, Cape Town.

Northgate Estate

Physical Address:
Unit 6, Highway Park
Northgate Estate
Section Road
Cape Town

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PO Box 4230
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Tel: (+27) 21 511 9066
Fax: (+27) 86 638 8456

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