At Golf Science we specialise in Custom Fitting, Professional Club Making and Coaching. Having the correct clubs means more confidence in your equipment, more consistency in your shotmaking and therefore lower scores!

Club Fitting Analysis


Each golfer has a unique swing and unique needs in terms of their golf equipment.  Historically, golf clubs were built “one size fits all” with two shaft options regular or stiff, limited loft options in woods, the same grip size, standard swing weight and standard length.

With the recent proliferation of clubfitting technologies, today clubfitting professionals can precisely measure the characteristics of each individuals golf swing, to determine the correct club head, shaft and ball for each player regardless of the player’s skill level.  This has transformed clubfitting into an exact science that is completely personalised.

Club Making


Once we have determined what the specifications of your clubs should be, it is in the science of professional clubmaking that we make up clubs to the exact specifications required. This is where we build each club to the exact loft, lie angle, feel weight, length, flex (frequency) and grip size required for each golfer. Without this part of the process all the effort spent determining what the correct clubs are for you, would be a waste of time.



We firmly believe that the golf swing is neglected at each golfers peril! We thus offer swing analysis for the full swing, short game coaching as well as extensive putting coaching. We work with the latest technologies available to analyze each part of the game. We use SwingModel for High Speed Video Analysis, SAMs Putt Lab’s accurate ultrasound technology to measure 20+ variables in the putting stroke. All our indoor Swing Analysis sessions make use of both video analysis and launch monitor data for the very best analysis available.