Tech & Services

At Golf Science we believe in accurate measurement and thus rely on the leading technology in the form of:

Full swing: Flightscope Launch Monitor and Ball Flight Simulation
Putting: Science & Motion (SAM) Putt Lab

In addition to our Club Fitting Assessments, here is a list of our services based on the clubs in your bag.

• Fit new driver head based on old or existing shaft
• Correct loft, face angle and spin rate
• Optimal driver shaft type, profile and length
• Optimal grip circumference and type
• Inserting of shafts and spining
• Rebalancing clubs for optimal performance whether through increasing head weight, MOI, swing weight or counter balancing
• Loft spacing and distance gapping for woods
• Lie angle and face angle bending for hybrids

(including relevant items from above)
• Optimal lie angle and loft gapping bending
• Testing of demo shafts

(including relevant items from above)
• Optimal bounce, loft and lie angle fitting
• Sole grinding
• Stamping
• Wedge specific shaft fitting for spin optimal requirements

(including relevant items from above)
• Head design fitting
• Shaft fitting
• Length, lie and loft fitting
• Counter balancing
• Head and weight balancing
• Specialised grips

Club Fitting

Each golfer has a unique swing and unique needs in terms of their golf equipment. Historically, golf clubs were built “one size fits all” with two shaft options in regular or stiff, limited loft options in woods, the same grip size, standard swing weight and standard length.

Today club fitting professionals can precisely measure the characteristics of each individuals golf swing. Then determine the correct club head, shaft and ball for each player regardless of the player’s skill level. This has transformed club fitting into an exact science that is completely personalised.

A typical club fitting experience at Golf Science with one of our accredited fitters starts with a informal discussion about who you are as a golfer, what improvement you are looking to make and what your golfing ambitions are. We get to know how often you typically play, practice (if at all), whether you have taken any lesson etc. In short we really get to know you as an individual and where you plan to go with your golf game.

We then would measure all the key specifications of your existing equipment. Some of these specs are: Loft and lie, length, flex (according to the PCS Frequency Chart), grip size, feel weight (both Swing Weight and MOI) as well as the basics of the head design you are using along with approximate shaft weight. The above information allows us to thoroughly understand what your equipment really is, not what the labels on it say it is.

We then go in to an extensive testing session of who you are as a golfer. We test your launch and spin conditions as well as your shot shape tendencies. This includes your typical good shot, as well as your typical bad shots. We also test your angle of attack (AoA) with your driver. We measure your club head speeds as well as look at slow motion video of your golf swing in order to understand your current swing path as well very important factors for the correct shaft selection, such as your strength with a golf club in your hands, your swing tempo, your swing transition as well as your release point in the golf swing.

Once we are finished with all the testing we spend a significant amount of time explaining what your needs are in terms of equipment as a golfer and from there what club head, shaft and ball recommendation we would make. The aim of each assessment is to offer you the golfer a plan of where you can improve your golf game in terms of the equipment you use as well as your golf swing.

We will then offer you several options to consider so that you can make an informed decisions as to what is best for both your golf game and your budget. We strongly believe in taking a long term approach that will bring you the best improvement in your golf game and preventing you from wasting your money in the purchase of new set after new set of the incorrect golf clubs.

Club Building

Once we have determined what the specifications of your clubs should be during the Club Fitting Assessment , it is in the science of professional club making that we make up clubs to the exact specifications required.

Without this part of the process all the effort spent determining what the correct clubs are for you, would be a waste of time.

This is where each gram (head, shaft & grip), cycle (frequency of each shaft in the set), fraction (grip size, length) counts to produce golf clubs that perfectly match the set as well as each golfers fitting requirements.

We spend 6 or more hours with each set of clubs that we build in order to work to the accuracy required in order to produce clubs that are as close to perfect as we can get them. We treat your clubs as if we are building the World No 1′s clubs.