August 21, 2015

What To Consider Before Buying Discounted Golf Clubs on Sale

What To Consider Before You Get ‘A Good Deal’ On Golf Clubs…
With the busy golf season fast approaching you’re going to see more ‘Golf Deals’ in store and online. We think it’s important that you know where most golfers go wrong when buying and how you can avoid their mistakes.
Wrong Head Design: 
You might get excited about a certain ‘deal’ on a club that you’ve heard good things about, that some pro uses, that you might even think looks great – but it still might not be the club that best suits your swing characteristics, swing speed or optimal launch conditions (angle of attack, spin rate and launch angle). You shouldn’t fall in love with a head for any reason other than performance, and most definitely not because of price!
Inferior Shaft Quality and Consistency: 
You get what you pay for. Shafts are grossly undervalued when it comes to the performance of a golf club, and often overlooked by consumers. You might think ‘I’m a Stiff shaft player’ but do you absolutely know that each shaft in that set plays to that stiffness frequency? The answer 9/10 times for discounted clubs is…no. Shafts hugely effect swing speed, spin rates, strike consistency and accuracy. There’s a reason pros don’t use the shafts found in discounted golf clubs. Don’t let a cheap shaft cost you shots on the golf course.
Club Weight: 
You have to consider the overall weight of the golf club, the consistency in weight through the set and how that will effect feel as well as performance. Very often discounted club heads and shafts aren’t consistent in their weighting through the set. Weighting in a set is very important, and quite technical, and most definitely not properly measured accurately or consistent when buying discounted golf clubs. Adjusting weight post purchase can also be very difficult if you didn’t start with the optimal club head weight and shaft weight to start off with – all things that you can’t dictate when buying discounted clubs.
Lie Angles: 
This is one of the most misunderstood aspects of golf clubs. A lie angle that is just a few degrees off will cause you to miss your target dramatically to the left or right, which would then cause you to start making compensations with your swing. Building a golf swing around an incorrectly fitting set of golf clubs is a road to frustration, anger and high scores. Discounted clubs aren’t fitted correctly to your swing and swing path – which dictates the correct lie angle for you. Most of the discounted clubs can’t even be bent to suit your lie angles. Lastly most discounted clubs are not consistent with lie angles through the set, so you’re bound to have some issues, maybe if you get lucky there’s one club in the set that you hit well!
The Answer: 
You need to be properly fit, by an experienced club fitter and builder. Once you have all the specs on your golf swing, swing path, launch conditions, optimal lie angles, shaft flexes and preferred weight…You can start looking at clubs that will help you shoot your lowest scores. As one example, when working with a good club fitter and builder you can even weigh club heads and shafts individually as components to ensure that you’ve got the optimal weight and feel through the set. You’re generally also able to bend clubs to find the optimal lofts and lie angles for your set. By building a set of golf clubs that suit you correctly you’re going to save yourself a ton of money and frustration in the long run.
If you still choose to buy a discounted set, don’t say we didn’t warn you 🙂 Good luck, and at the very least bring it to us so that we can accurately measure what you bought and try to fix it!